Santa Catarina State League U-20 Second Level 2002


ATL�TICO Clube CHAPEC� (Chapec�)
BRUSQUE Futebol Clube (Brusque)
Clube Atl�tico CAMPONOVENSE (Campos Novos)
CAXIAS Futebol Clube (Joinville)
Clube Atl�tico CAMBORI� (Cambori�)
Clube Atl�tico FRAIBURGO (Fraiburgo)
Clube Atl�tico METROPOLITANO (Blumenau)
Clube Atl�tico LAGES (Lages)
GUARANI Futebol Clube (Palho�a)
REAL Sport Arte Clube (Blumenau)
SANTA CATARINA Clube (Navegantes)
Sociedade Esportiva KINDERMANN (Ca�ador) (*)
Sociedade Esportiva S�O JOS� (S�o Jos�)
TIRADENTES Esporte Clube (Tijucas)

* - played home matches in Joinville, due to an association with Sociedade Esportiva Irineu.
Was renamed Kindermann/Irineu

First Phase
[Sep 26 and Oct 1]
Kindermann        6-1   1-2  Caxias
[Sep 28 and Oct 5]
Atl�tico Chapec�  0-0   0-1  Fraiburgo
Camponovense      2-1   1-7  Lages
Real              1-1   1-0  Metropolitano
Guarani           0-0   4-2  S�o Jos�
Cambori�          1-2   1-2  Santa Catarina
Brusque           0-5   0-6  Tiradentes

Caxias also qualified as best losers

[Oct 24 and 29]
Kindermann        1-1   2-0  Santa Catarina
Caxias            0-0   2-1  Real
[Oct 29 and Nov 1]
Lages             2-4   3-4  Fraiburgo
Guarani           1-2   1-1  Tiradentes

Final Phase

First Stage
[Nov 9]
Tiradentes        2-1  Caxias
Fraiburgo         0-0  Kindermann

[Nov 12]
Caxias             -   Friaburgo
Kindermann         -   Tiradentes

Tiradentes won the first stage

Second Stage

[Nov 27]
Kindermann        7-1  Fraiburgo
Tiradentes        6-2  Caxias

Kindermann won the second stage

[Dec 3 and 7]
Kindermann         -     -   Tiradentes


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