Rio de Janeiro State Championship of City XI Teams (Campeonato Fluminense de Seleções) - List of Champions

The first state championship of Rio de Janeiro was organized by the AFEA
in 1925, and was disputed by clubs. In 1928 the competition started to be
disputed by city XI teams; the first champions were:

Year    Winner                  Runner-Up
1928    Niterói                 Campos
1929    Niterói                 Nova Friburgo
1930    Niterói                 Campos
1931    Niterói                 Petrópolis
1932  not played
1933  not played
1934    Barra do Piraí          Nova Friburgo
1935    Niterói                 Nova Iguaçu
1936    Campos                  Petrópolis
1937  not played
1938    Niterói                 Petrópolis
1939    Campos                  Petrópolis
1940    Campos and Nova Friburgo [*]
1941-46  not played

In 1941 AFEA became FFD, and from 1941 to 1945 the State Championship was
disputed by clubs. In 1947 the championship returned to the old shape,
being played for the city XI teams:

Year    Winner                  Runner-Up
1947    Campos                  Petrópolis
1948    Petrópolis              Nova Friburgo
1949  not played
1950    Barra do Piraí
1951    Barra do Piraí          São Gonçalo
1952    Barra do Piraí          Itaperuna
1953    São Gonçalo             Nova Friburgo
1954    São Gonçalo             Volta Redonda
1955    Três Rios               São Gonçalo
1956    Nova Friburgo           Itaperuna
1957  not played
1958    Itaperuna
1959  not played
1960    Nova Friburgo
1961    Nova Friburgo
1962    Barra Mansa
1963  not played
1964    Macaé [**]
1966    Macaé
1968    Petrópolis
1970    Petrópolis
1972    Nova Friburgo
1974    Campos

In 1976, due to the merging of the Rio de Janeiro and Guanabara states, the
championship was extinct.

[*] After several drews, the teams decided to share the title.
[**] In 1964, the periodicity of the championship was changed to two years.

Number of Wins

 6 Niterói
 5 Nova Friburgo  [one divided]
 4 Campos  [one divided]
 3 Barra do Piraí
 2 São Gonçalo
 1 Barra Mansa
   Três Rios

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