Rio de Janeiro State League (Campeonato Fluminense) 1963

In 1963 the Divisão Departamental de Profissionais (DDP) reorganized it's 
zones. The former 4ª zona (Zona Centro) became 1ª zona, and Liga Campista de 
Desportos (Campos City League), which represented the 5ª zona (Zona Norte-Fluminense) 
formed alone the 6ª Zona (Zona Campista). The 1ª zona was formed by clubs from 
Niterói and São Gonçalo, but its championship was not realized in 1963, due to the 
crisis of profissionalism in Niterói. As the only professional zone of Campeonato 
Fluminense disputed in 1963 was the 6ª zona, it's champions was also the Rio de 
Janeiro state champion.

6ª Zona (Zona Campista): results also valid for Campos City League
AMERICANO Futebol Clube (Campos)
CAMPOS Atlético Associação (Campos)
GOYTACAZ Futebol Clube (Campos)
MUNICIPAL Futebol Clube (Campos)
PARAÍSO Futebol Clube (Campos)
Clube Esportivo RIO BRANCO (Campos)
Esporte Clube SÃO JOÃO (Campos)
Esporte Clube SÃO JOSÉ (Campos)

Champions: Goytacaz F.C.

Later, in the middle of 1964, the 1ª Zona (Zona Centro) formed for the 1963 season 
was finally disputed. There was an burocratic issue if this championship should be 
valid either for the 1963 or the 1964 season. As Goytacaz was already considered the 
state champions of 1963 and classified for the 1964 Taça Brasil, Eletrovapo defended 
that it's title was valid for the 1964 season, so the club would have a chance to 
dispute the state honour and classify to Taça Brasil. Americano Futebol Clube, 
champions of 1964 6ª Zona, defended that the Eletrovapo title was valid for 1963 
season, and so Americano should be the state champions of 1964 (as no other 
professional zone was disputed that year) and classified to the 1965 Taça Brasil. 
The issue was solved by FFD in a way to please both clubs: Eletrovapo was considered 
champions of 1963 1ª Zona, and so Americano was considered the state champions of 
1964 (as the only professional champion of the season). However, as Eletrovapo had 
no chance to dispute the state honour in 1963, an Extra state championship of 1964
should be disputed between Americano and Eletrovapo.

1ª Zona (Zona Centro): results also valid for Niterói City League
Associação Esportiva ELETROVAPO (Niterói)
FONSECA Atlético Clube (Niterói)
Esporte Clube METALÚRGICO (São Gonçalo)
Esporte Clube UNIÃO (Niterói)

Champions: A.E. Eletrovapo (to 1964 Extra State Championship)



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