Rio de Janeiro State League (Campeonato Fluminense) 1955

The championship of DEP, originally created to represent the state
championship, was turned by the FFD as a Vale do paraíba championship after
the pression of Niterói and Campos' clubs.

The 1955 State Championship was organized in 1956 with the champions and
runners-up[*] of Niterói, Campos and Vale do Paraíba of the 1955 season.

Goytacaz and Barra Mansa ended the championship with the same number of
lost point, and decided the title in a final. With one draw and one win
Goytacaz conquered the 1955 State Championship.

However in 1962 FFD turned back on it's decision and all champions of DEP
were again recognized as state championships. The championship disputed
between the champions of DEP and the Niterói and Campos city leagues became
an extra state tournament, called State Superchampionship.

[*] With the exception of Fluminense Atlético Clube, runner-up of 1955
Niterói City League. The club abandoned profissionalism and was replaced
by the third-placed Cruzeiro Futebol Clube.

Campeonato Fluminense 1955

1ª Zona:
Barra Mansa, Guarani and Comercial classified to the final phase.

2ª Zona:
Esporte Clube 1º DE MAIO (Piraí)
Esporte Clube BENFICA (Valença)
COROADOS Futebol Clube (Valença)
FRIGORÍFICO Atlético Clube (Mendes)
ROYAL Sport Club (Barra do Piraí)
VALENCIANO Atlético Clube (Valença)

Matches of Frigorífico:
Frigorífico 	1-3	Coroados
Frigorífico	5-1	Royal
Frigorífico	1-2	1º de Maio
Frigorífico	2-2	Valenciano
Frigorífico	4-0	Benfica
Frigorífico 	4-1	Coroados
Frigorífico	1-3	Royal
Frigorífico	3-1	1º de Maio
Frigorífico	3-0	Valenciano
Frigorífico	WO-0	Benfica 

Coroados, Frigorífico and Royal classified to the final phase.


Matches of Frigorífico:
Frigorífico 	2-2	Comercial
Frigorífico	0-2	Barra Mansa
Frigorífico	2-1	Guarani
Frigorífico	5-2	Coroados
Frigorífico	5-2	Royal
Frigorífico 	1-1	Comercial
Frigorífico	1-1	Barra Mansa
Frigorífico	0-0	Guarani
Frigorífico	1-0	Coroados
Frigorífico	4-3	Royal

1.Frigorífico	Champions; to Superchampionship
2.Barra Mansa	To Superchampionship

Supercampeonato Fluminense 1955
Group A:
BARRA MANSA Futebol Clube (Barra Mansa)
CRUZEIRO Futebol Clube (Niterói)
FRIGORÍFICO Atlético Clube (Mendes)

[Mar 18/1956]
Barra Mansa	4-0	Frigorífico

[Mar 25/1956]
Frigorífico	4-0	Cruzeiro

[Apr 1/1956]
Cruzeiro	1-0	Barra Mansa

[Apr 8/1956]
Frigorífico	?-?	Barra Mansa

[Apr 15/1956]
Cruzeiro	4-1	Frigorífico

[Apr 22/1956]
Barra Mansa	3-0	Cruzeiro

1.Barra Mansa	To final

Group B:
AMERICANO Futebol Clube (Campos)
FONSECA Atlético Clube (Niterói)
GOYTACAZ Futebol Clube (Campos)

[Mar 18/1956]
Goytacaz	4-1	Fonseca

[Mar 25/1956]
Goytacaz        2-1     Americano

[Apr 15/1956]
Fonseca		3-5	Americano

[Apr 22/1956]
Americano       0-0     Goytacaz   [postponed from Apr 8]

[Apr 29/1956]
Fonseca		1-3	Goytacaz

[May 13/1956]
Americano	9-2	Fonseca

 1.Goytacaz	7 3 1 0 11-4	To final
 2.Americano	5 2 1 1 16-9	
 3.Fonseca	0 0 0 4  7-21


[Jun 10/1956]
Goytacaz	1-1	Barra Mansa

[Jun 17/1956]
Barra Mansa	0-6	Goytacaz



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