Campeonato Nacional (Torneio dos Campeões da CBD) 1968

Participating Teams:
GRÊMIO de Esportes MARINGÁ (Maringá, PR) - winner of Torneio Centro-Sul 1968
SANTOS Futebol Clube (Santos, SP) - winner of Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa 1968
SPORT Club do Recife (Recife, PE) - winner of Torneio Norte-Nordeste 1968
Obs. Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa was the "unofficial First Level" of that year.
     Torneio Centro-Sul was the "unofficial southern Second Level" of that year.
     Torneio Norte-Nordeste was the "unofficial northern Second Level" of that year.
First Leg
[Mar 16, 1969]
Grêmio Maringá 3-0 Sport
[Mar 23, 1969]
Sport 0-3 Grêmio Maringá
Grêmio Maringá classified to Second Round

Obs: This first round is identified for some sources as "Taça Centro-Sul-Norte-Nordeste".
First Leg
[May 10, 1969]
Grêmio Maringá 1-1 Santos
  [Oswaldo ; Djalma Duarte]
Second Leg
[Apr 04, 1970]
Santos 2-2 Grêmio Maringá
  [Picolé, Manoel Maria ; Peter, Rodrigues]
Due to lack of dates and interest, Santos refused to play the third leg.

According to the original schedule, Grêmio Maringá, as winner of Second Round, would
also play against Botafogo (winner of Taça Brasil 1968), with this Third Round
being cancelled due to the delay on the Second Round.
GRÊMIO MARINGÁ was declared champions of Torneio dos Campeões da CBD 1968.
Winner Squad: Maurício, Ditão, Zé Carlos, Fausto and Cisca; Valtinho and Reginaldo; Iaúca,
Rodrigues, Osvaldo and Djalma.

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