Paraíba State League 1930

Campeonato Paraibano 1930

Clubs (all from João Pessoa):

Clube do REMO
Esporte Clube CABO BRANCO
VASCO da Gama Esporte Clube

Rules: double round-robin.

Regulamento: turno e returno em pontos corridos.

[Apr 13]
Cabo Branco    1-0  Vasco  [1]

[1] Vasco abandoned the field at 6' after Cabo Branco scored. For that attitude,
Vasco was expelled from the league.

[May 04]
Palmeiras       -   Remo

[May 11]
Internacional  1-1  Cabo Branco

[May 18]
Remo            -   Internacional

[May 25]
Cabo Branco     -   Palmeiras

[May 30]
League suspended as Paraíba Sportive Federation prepared for the Brazilian States'
Championship. However, the political animosities that led to the 1930 Revolution
cancelled both tournaments, the 1930 League was abandoned and no team were
declared champions.

Campeonato suspenso pois a Liga Desportiva Paraibana se preparava para o Campeonato
Brasileiro de Seleções. Contudo, as animosidades políticas que levaram à Revolução
de 1930 cancelaram ambos os campeonatos, o campeonato de 1930 foi abandonado e
nenhum time foi declarado campeão.

Cancelled matches:

[Jun 08]
Internacional   -   Palmeiras

[Jun 15]
Cabo Branco     -   Remo

[Jul 13]
Remo            -   Palmeiras

[Jul 20]
Cabo Branco     -   Internacional

[Aug 03]
Internacional   -   Remo

[Aug 10]
Palmeiras       -   Cabo Branco

[Aug 24]
Palmeiras       -   Internacional

[Aug 31]
Remo            -   Cabo Branco



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