Copa Norte-Nordeste -- List of Champions

Unofficial Cups

1946 - Fortaleza Esporte Clube (Fortaleza-CE)
1947 - Moto Club (São Luís-MA)
1948 - Esporte Clube Bahia (Salvador-BA)
1951 - Esporte Clube Ypiranga (Salvador-BA)
1952 - Clube Náutico Capibaribe (Recife-PE)

Official Norte-Nordeste Cup (organized by CBD)

In 1968, CBD assumed the organization of Roberto Gomes Pedrosa tournament
and created, aside this tournament, the Centro-Sul and Norte-Nordeste cups.

1968 - Sport Club do Recife (Recife-PE)
1969 - Ceará Sporting Club (Fortaleza-CE)
1970 - Fortaleza Esporte Clube (Fortaleza-CE)

In 1971, when CBD extended the right of participation to any interested
state of Brazil and turned the Roberto Gomes Pedrosa tournament into the
Campeonato Brasileiro, the Centro-Sul and Norte-Nordeste cups became the
official Brazilian Second Level. So, the Centro-Sul and Norte-Nordeste
cups can be considered, in some sense, predecessors of the Brazilian
Second Level, just like the Roberto Gomes Pedrosa is considered the
precursor of the Brazilian First Level.

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