Brazil - Copa Norte 1998

Rio Branco FC (Rio Branco-AC)
São Raimundo EC (Manaus-AM)
Ypiranga C (Macapá-AP)
Sampaio Corrêa FC (São Luís-MA)
Paysandu C (Belim-PA)
SE Picos (Picos-PI)
Ouro Preto EC (Ouro Preto-RO)
São Raimundo EC (Boa Vista-RR)

First Phase (knock-out) [Mar 5, Mar 11/12]

Ouro Preto       0-2  2-1  Rio Branco 
São Raimundo-AM  3-0  0-3  Paysandu    [pen 3-2]
São Raimundo-RR  1-5  0-10 Sampaio Corrêa
Ypiranga         2-2  1-1  Picos       [pen 11-10]

Semifinals (knockout) [Mar 26 and Apr 2]

Rio Branco       2-1  1-5  São Raimundo-AM
Sampaio Corrêa   2-0  2-1  Ypiranga

Finals [Apr 15 and Apr 22]

São Raimundo-AM  1-0  1-2  Sampaio Corrêa  [pen 3-0]

Sampaio Corrêa FC winners of the 1998 Copa Norte and qualified for
Copa Conmebol 1998.



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