Santa Catarina Cup - 1993

Participants (21 clubs):

Ararangu� Esporte Clube--Ararangu�

Associa��o Ca�adorense de Desportes--Ca�ador

Associa��o Chapecoense de Futebol--Chapec�

Associa��o Desportiva Joa�aba--Joa�aba

Associa��o XANXERENSE de Futebol--Xanxer�

Ava� Futebol Clube--Florian�polis

BLUMENAU Esporte Clube--Blumenau

Brusque Futebol Clube--Brusque

Clube Atl�tico HERMANN AICHINGER--Ibirama

Clube N�utico Marc�lio Dias--Itaja�

Conc�rdia Esporte Clube--Conc�rdia

CRICI�MA Esporte Clube--Crici�ma

Esporte Clube Internacional--Lages

Figueirense Futebol Clube--Florian�polis

Gr�mio Esportivo Juventus--Jaragu� do Sul

Herc�lio Luz Futebol Clube--Tubar�o

Joinville Esporte Clube--Joinville

LAGUNA Esporte Clube--Laguna

Sociedade Esportiva Recreativa Oper�rios Mafrenses--Mafra

SOMBRIO Esporte Clube--Sombrio

TUBAR�O Futebol Clube--Tubar�o

First Phase

Sombrio, Ararangua, Tubarao, Hercilio Luz, Laguna e Avai

Xanxerense, Chapecoense, Internacional e Joacaba


Group C
Hermann Aichinger
First Stage
[Sep 27, 1993]
Brusque 3-0 Hermann Aichinger
[Sep 30, 1993]

Juventus 1-0 Brusque

[Oct 3rd, 1993]

Oper�rio 1-1 Brusque (4-3 penalties)

[Oct 7, 1993]

Brusque 0-0 Blumenau (8-9 penalties)

Second Stage
[Oct 17, 1993]

Hermann Aichinger 0-3 Brusque

[Oct 20, 1993]

Brusque 2-0 Juventus

[Oct 24, 1993]

Brusque 0-0 Oper�rio (5-4 penalties)

[Oct 28, 1993]

Blumenau 0-0 Brusque (4-5 penalties)

Second Phase
The clubs that were disputing the Brazilian championship, entered directly in the second phase,
it was the case of Joinville.
Group ?���������������� Group ?
Brusque���������������� Conc�rdia

Ca�adorense������������ Hermann Aichinger

Internacional���������� Joinville

Tubar�o���������������� Sombrio

First Stage
[Nov 6, 1993]

Brusque�� 0-0 Tubar�o

Joinville 0-1 Hermann Aichinger

[Nov 9, 1993]

Internacional 0-1 Brusque

Joinville���� 3-0 Sombrio

[Nov 11, 1993]

Brusque�� 2-2 Ca�adorense

Conc�rdia 1-0 Joinville

Second Stage
[Nov 14, 1993]

Tubar�o���������� 1-0 Brusque

Hermann Aichinger 1-1 Joinville (played in Rio do Sul town)

[Nov 16, 1993]

Brusque 1-0 Internacional

Sombrio 1-3 Joinville

[Nov 18, 1993]

Ca�adorense 3-1 Brusque

Joinville�� 0-0 Conc�rdia

Third Phase

[Nov 21, 1993]

Joinville 3-1 Chapecoense

[Nov 25, 1993]

Chapecoense 1-3 Joinville


[Nov 28, 1993]

Juventus 1-0 Joinville

[Dec 5, 1993]

Joinville 1-0 Juventus


Disputed among Juventus, Figueirense, Crici�ma and a fourth club.


Disputed among Figueirense and Crici�ma.

Champion: Crici�ma

Second place: Figueirense

Source: - no-official site of �Brusque F.C.� by Rodrigo Santos (;

������� - official site of �Joinville E.C.� ( ��


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