Copa Centro-Oeste Qualifying Tournament 2002


Associa��o Atl�tica ANAPOLINA (An�polis-GO)
Centro de Futebol Zico de Bras�lia Sociedade Esportiva - a.k.a. CFZ/BSB (Bras�lia-DF)
Centro Esportivo Nova Esperan�a - a.k.a. CENE (Campo Grande-MS)
TOCANTIN�POLIS Esporte Clube (Tocantin�polis-TO)
Esporte Clube UNI�O (Rondon�polis-MT)

Winners qualify to 2003 Copa Centro-Oeste

Note: Since Serra were relegated, the State of Esp�rito Santo decided to forfeit the 2003
      Centro-Oeste League. So Alegrense, Esp�rito Santo's 2002 champions, lost their place 
      in Group A of this Qualifying Tournament

First Phase

Group A

[Jul 14]
Tocantin�polis  abd  CFZ/BSB       [abandoned at 62' due to power failure; match anulled,
  [M�rcio Alem�o]                   partial score was 1-0]

[Jul 15] - rematch
Tocantin�polis  1-1  CFZ/BSB
  [Adauto; Tiano]

[Jul 21]
CFZ/BSB         3-1  Tocantin�polis
  [Kabila (2), Tiano; Bugr�o]

Group B

[Jul 14]
Anapolina       1-0  CENE
  [R�bson Goiano]

[Jul 17]
Uni�o           1-2  CENE
  [Baggio; G�derson, M�rcio Schmidt (og)]

[Jul 20]
Anapolina       3-1  Uni�o
  [R�bson Paulista, Marcelo Augusto, Alexandre Goiano; Newton]

[Jul 24]
CENE            6-2  Uni�o
  [Carlinhos (3), Juninho, Itamar, Jorge; Delei, Tigan�]

[Jul 28]
Uni�o           2-2  Anapolina
  [Delei, Newton; R�bson Paulista, Ded�]

[Jul 31]
CENE            2-0  Anapolina
  [Alexsandro, Carlinhos]

 1.CENE                   4  3  0  1  10- 4   9  Qualified
 2.Anapolina              4  2  1  1   6- 5   7
 3.Uni�o (Rondon�polis)   4  0  1  3   6-13   1

Final Phase

[Aug 4]
CFZ/BSB         1-2  CENE
  [Rodrigo Mello; Carlinhos, Edm�lson]

[Aug 7]
CENE            3-2  CFZ/BSB
  [Alexsandro, Edm�lson, Serginho; Tiano (2)]

CENE won the Qualifying Tournament for the 2003 Copa Centro-Oeste, thus qualifying for
that tournament.

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