Copa do Brasil - Winning Coaches

Year	Winning Coach (Team)
1989	Cl�udio Duarte (Gr�mio)
1990	Jair Pereira (Flamengo)
1991	Lu�s Felipe Scolari (Crici�ma)
1992	Ant�nio Lopes (Internacional) 
1993	Pinheiro (Cruzeiro)
1994	Lu�s Felipe Scolari (Gr�mio)
1995	Eduardo Amorim (Corinthians)
1996	Levir Culpi (Cruzeiro)
1997	Evaristo de Macedo (Gr�mio)
1998	Lu�s Felipe Scolari (Palmeiras)
1999	Walmir Louruz (Juventude)
2000	Marco Aur�lio (Cruzeiro)
2001	Tite (Gr�mio)
2002	Carlos Alberto Parreira (Corinthians)

Coaches with most wins 3 Lu�s Felipe Scolari
Champions of Brazilian Championship and Copa do Brasil Lu�s Felipe Scolari Brazilian Championship: 1996 (Gr�mio) Copa do Brasil: 1991 (Crici�ma), 1994 (Gr�mio) and 1998 (Palmeiras) Ant�nio Lopes Brazilian Championship: 1997 (Vasco da Gama) Copa do Brasil: 1992 (Internacional) Evaristo de Macedo Brazilian Championship: 1988 (Bahia) Copa do Brasil: 1997 (Gr�mio) Carlos Alberto Parreira Brazilian Championship: 1984 (Fluminense) Copa do Brasil: 2002 (Corinthians)
Foreign Winners A foreign coach has never won the Copa do Brasil.

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